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I am exploring a range of human emotions through my art work. Conflict represents the dark aspects of human emotion, for example: anger, frustration, desperation, carnage, and pain. Sugar represents those moments in life when the sense of time is suspended and a feeling of bliss and evernescence abounds. NeoDada relishes the fun and humorous side of art. Humor is rarely visited in the world of High Fine Art. It can be a more cerebral approach to art. Like most humor there is an hermetic aspect to it. This requires some understanding beyond the event/art work itself. Dada stood out as an art movement that dared break the invisible covenant of art taking itself too seriously, hence Dada lives on in NeoDada!

Why a studio name taking precedence over my own? Well, I would like the art work to have a voice of its own. By that I mean it is more about the ideas inherent in the art work than about my own autobiography.

Why five dimensions? They represent height, width, depth, time, and the mind with its attendant thoughts, emotions, and ideas.

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